Steven Clough


“Steven is the ‘expert’s expert’ when it comes to marketing.”

Elizabeth Roche, Pitney Bowes

Steven Clough is an emerging voice on behavioral economics and business. As the Founder & President of AVO, a Seattle-based consulting firm, his work focuses on business strategy, consumer insights, product development, branding, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.

He also serves as a board member and advisor to several startups and non-profit organizations.

“Steven thinks so far outside the box, the box doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a true pleasure to work with such an incredibly innovative individual.”

Sinan Kanatsiz, IMA Chairman

Over the course of his career, Steven has published several notable pieces of research and thought leadership papers, which he has presented at conferences around the country.
He is a contributor for the Huffington Post and is currently writing a new book on cognitive biases, human behavior, and the science of decision making.

Notable works includes The Effects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming on Law Enforcement-Civilian Interactions, Is Music an Effective Treatment for Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?, The Perpetuation of Stereotypes in Hip-HopUnderstanding the Active Healthy Lifestyle and its Implications for Marketing, Types of Learning Aids and their Effects on Retention of Foreign Language Words, and How We Make Fashion Decisions.

“Steven thinks so outside the box on how we think people think that it was educational beyond anything I could have wished for.”

Convergence session attendee

Steven holds degrees in Business, Psychology, and Music from the University of Washington, where he lectures in both the Michael G. Foster School of Business and the College of Engineering.

In his free time, he enjoys music, traveling, and spending time outdoors.



Steven speaks at conferences around the country. Frequent topics include psychology and business, the future of marketing, and understanding big data.


As a large advocate for education, Steven extends his speaking to universities around the country where he guest lectures in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Private groups

Steven has spoken at private events and at companies as diverse as Microsoft, Disney, Philips, the Internet Marketing Association, and many more.


Steven’s latest articles are being published on the Huffington Post. To read a selection of his most recent posts, please click the button below.

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